Art Deco Vintage Notebooks and Journals

Whatever you write in it, our personalized notebooks and journals add style to your thoughts

From the beginning, Black Quill took a desire to create things that would inspire awe in the eye of those that saw it. Because of this our art reflects what is found from an artisan’s work from the past.  our art takes on a strong view of a vintage style. 

Our drawing style depicts the subjects in purity, elegance, and strength. Drawings that are organized, detailed, purposeful, and powerful. 

Our inner compass has always been there drawing us toward the strong to to judging things on a scale of quality and looking for a better world where things were made with purpose and intentionality.  This is the base that all of our art stand on.

Art Deco Notebooks and Journals

Our Art Deco Notebooks and Journals are designed with a classic, vintage look and feel. Our notebooks are fancy without being flashy and each cover is designed with the same attention to detail as our wall art pieces. 


The covers on these journals are professionally printed with high quality metal spirals with black coating. The 75 pages of college ruled white paper are perfect for your thoughts, notes, grocery lists or to add a bit of style to your workspace.

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Industrial and Vintage Notebooks and Journals

Our Vintage style notebooks are inspired by a simpler time. With designs and drawings that aim to recreate the look and feel of the 20’s and 30’s these notebooks will add a bit of style to any room. 


Our industrial style journals and notebooks pay homage to the city we were born and raised in. Detroit Michigan will always hold a special spot in our hearts, and the buildings, typography, and feel of the city are conveyed on the cover of each notebook. 


Just like our Art Deco notebooks, these journals are made with high quality card stock cover and a cardboard back. 75 pages of college lined paper are bound by a sturdy metal spiral that is stylishly finished with a matte black coating. 

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