Black & White Wall Art

Black Quill Studio loves black and white art.

Industrial, vintage and chic modern black and white decor for every room of your home

From the beginning, Black Quill took a desire to create things that would inspire awe in the eye of those that saw it. Because of this our art reflects what is found from an artisan’s work from the past.  our art takes on a strong view of a vintage style. 

Our drawing style depicts the subjects in purity, elegance, and strength. Drawings that are organized, detailed, purposeful, and powerful. 

Our inner compass has always been there drawing us toward the strong to to judging things on a scale of quality and looking for a better world where things were made with purpose and intentionality.  This is the base that all of our art stand on. 

black and white wall art

Black and White Modern Art


The modern collection at Black Quill Studio is the perfect addition to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom wall decor. This collection of wall art stylishly mixes typography with shapes and floral arrangements to create truly stunning works that add the finishing touches to any room. 


This collection flows well with many modern homes. Simplicity with integrity is what the modern home style expresses and that is what this line of art is meant to compliment. While the modern style is sleek and simple, a focused piece of art brings the room together by adding a pop of interest above a sitting area or table. 


Each art piece is flexible since it’s wide range of size would be able to accommodated to fit anyone’s home or space, and as a gift, would bring brighten anyone’s home. Our black and white art prints look amazing framed  

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Vintage Wall Art


Our vintage collection brings the stylish class, and feels inspired by the 20’s and 30’s into your home. These elegant figures and portraits, brooches and jewelry decorating classically drawn hands are a throwback to a simpler time. 


Lovers of Chic French design as well as rustic collectors will be pleased with these art reproductions. Each piece is handcrafted with the attention to detail needed to bring a pop of elegance and grace to your living room. 


You have options too. Pick a portrait to add a high-society twist to your desk, or an art nuevo butterfly to add elegance. The old world glamour would be perfect for a dinning area or bedroom. 


Just like our modern and industrial pieces, these vintage style art deco prints are available in multiple styles and sizes  Custom messages and gift wrapping options are also available to make this the perfect gift! 

Vintage Wall Portrait
black and white modern art
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Industrial Wall Art

The Industrial home decorating style incorporates so many things that we have instilled in our art. Strong statements, intentional, and vintage styles wrapped into a single piece of art. 


Every one of our Michigan-focused line would look amazing framed on an exposed brick or cement wall or in a gallery of machinary posters and memorabilia of this great city. 


Combine a blueprint, a city map, and a few trinkets and you have the makings of a great statement wall that will stop everyone who walks by. 


Industrial Style Wall Decor
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