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Our story


Vintage design has always been an inspiration to me, so what era represents vintage charm better than the 20’s and 30’s. Many things that survived from those eras have a special quality and attraction that shows through today.

My earliest memory of drawing was when I was in 4th grade. I was sitting in class when I noticed my teacher staring at me. Apparently, my drawing in class was a regular occurrence, and that day she was determined to have my attention.

This encounter with my teacher did little to redirect me from drawing constantly and I continued to spend most of my time drawing. In high school, my attention was somewhat distracted with crafting. We did everything from crocheting, wood working, and graphic design. Each different project we took on all helped us learn new things and push forward creatively. We have since found typography, which is an amazing challenge.


Creating is such a great release for all the ideas that I have and drawing is a great medium since there are no restrains on what I can draw. I enjoy being a able to choose every element when starting a new drawing project. Each piece, to me, is the opportunity to make something beautiful and something that could become perfect.  

I started to draw when I was in elementary. Because of this I have so many good memories from when I had hours to spend using Adobe, or dreaming with a pencil and paper. While my skill has developed so much over the years, I still create things without using color, and still love spending an afternoon with a pencil and paper.

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